Xtreme International, the foundation of The X Group, was established with like-minded growers in the Letsitele, Hoedspruit, Marblehall and Tsipese area. This equally partnership between our professional marketing company and passionate, reliable growers allows us to deliver a competitive, quality product to our 65 odd clients in 31 different countries. Xtreme International is led by Cecilia and her daughter Celia.

We are committed to building meaningful and strong relationships with all stakeholders by caring deeply, being open, showing respect, and communicating clearly and promptly. We strive for excellence in all our dealings by relentlessly applying kaizen, discipline and integrity.

Xtreme International’s core export product is citrus including commodities such as lemons, grapefruit, pomelos, the Tango mandarin and oranges including navels, seeded Valencia’s and seedless Valencia’s.


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Xtreme International