Xcelsior Agri is the start of the soil to soul philosophy of the X Group, which is led by Gert with a total love for farming, production and development. Xcelsior Agri consists of two productions units, one based in Letsitele and one in Hoedspruit. Producing Eureka’s, Star Ruby’s, Marsh, the sought after Tango mandarin, Pomelos and seeded and seedless Valencia’s.


Xact Packers is X Group’s packing facility based in Letsitele with state of the art technology, guaranteeing that client specifications are met at packhouse level. 50% of all product that is exported by Xtreme International is packed at Xact packers. Xact Packers has the ability to pack all varieties and to pack more than one variety per day. Xact is led by Llewellyn, Gert and Cecilia’s son. Llewellyn also assist with procurement for Xtreme and with the admin and financial operations for Xcelsior Agri.


Xtreme International’s core export product is citrus including commodities such as lemons, grapefruit, Pomelos, the Tango mandarin and oranges including navels, seeded Valencia’s and seedless Valencia’s.